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Give Up

Wait a minute, I thought I deleted this site!

Guess not…


Honestly, I don’t login WordPress anymore because it’s so laggy and I was so embarrassed by this story that I just couldn’t keep going. I’ve written some different things since but whatever. I really hate the things I like because I’m so afraid of criticism. Haha, I’m so lame sometimes.

I started writing The Band Life on some fantasy with the names of people whom I knew because while I like writing, I really suck at coming up with original names for anything. I was surprised that those people said yes (Since a few of them I didn’t know so well, and they most certainly didn’t know me).

So I guess I’m just making this post because I’m giving up. At least, on TBL. I still write my other stories (the Batman one, the 5 Seconds Of Life one and then my band FanFiction), but I’m finally scrapping it.

I was surprised to login and see this site had views and followers. I mostly use Wattpad now, since it’s a place to easier find my stories versus on the entire internet. So check out my account HERE and I think that’s it.

Oh and since they’ll never see it…

Nick, the guy who I asked if I could use his name in the story? He’s actually kinda hot. Really nice hair. Whatever. So is Luke Hemmings.


5 – Fill In


“So this is going to be your band introduction,” Diego says from the backseat of Nick’s truck.

“Even though Kenny is still here until the end of the month?”

“Yes,” Jayden says. “You’re performing with us, you helped with the setlist, you went to your first hangout. You’re in.”

“No turning back,” Seth says with his insanely horrible villain act.

Jayden’s cell phone rings and she answers. “Hey Kenny! We’re down the street-ish now. Yeah, she’s right there. What? Aww, no!”, she lowers the phone and looks to me. “Kenny lost his voice and can’t perform. Jenna, do you think you could fill in?”

“Umm, yeah sure, if it’s okay.”

“She’s in. Yeah. Alright. See ya later,” Jayden replies to her phone call and hangs up.

Nick looks ad Jayden, then at me. Back to Jayden. Back to me. His eyes revert back to the road. I’ll ask him about it later. If he wanted everyone to know, he would’ve said it out loud. Right?

We pull up to Kenny’s house and I see why we would have a giant party here. The house itself is a single-story average sized brick house. Not bad looking or anything, but not fancy look-at-me-I’m-a-mansion either. What I’m looking at is the yard. It’s at least 7 acres, just to the treeline. I don’t know how far it goes beyond that.

Kenny, and who I would assume is his mother, come out to greet us as we unload our instruments. Kenny gives me a thumbs up and leads us to the backyard. I stare in awe at the stage set up. It’s about 6-feet high, and as wide as the house. The center of the stage let’s out further into the yard like a runway.

“I know right,” Jayden says looking at my expression. “Take it in.”

And I do.

“So the whole party itself starts at 5:00, but people will probably start showing up a little after 4:30,” Diego says and looks at his watch. “It’s 2:45 now, so we have time for sound check and time to go over the setlist.”

“Are we sure he shouldn’t be in charge?”, I ask. “He seems to know way more than I do.” I walk up the stairs and set my guitars down.

“1, Diego had that power before,” says Nick as he walks to the drum set. “Went nuts and bit everyone’s heads off.”

“2,” Jayden pulls her guitars out of their bags and puts them on stands. “This is only your first show. You’ll get better as you go along.”

“3, Freshmen aren’t really leaders of Worship Team,” Diego says.

“No one said Freshmen can’t be,” Jayden answers.

“Out of the entire time band has run at church, name one Freshmen who was considered for leader,” Diego retaliates.

“One?”, Seth asks walking up. “Okay. Jayden.”


“Yeah. Kenny talked about it a while back and she’s a Freshman,” Nick says.

I turn to look at him and see that his drum set is about 4 feet higher up than the rest of the stage. I walk over and now see that it’s on a stand of sorts.

“Like?”, Nick asks me and starts climbing down.

“Yeah, I think it’s cool.” I look down to see wheels attached. “Mobile?”

“Sort of. I wanted to talk to you about using it later, but it’s not finished yet,” he answers, frowning.

“We have a couple of hours. What’s it need?”, I ask. I really would like to see it in action, but I don’t want Nick to get hurt or anything.

“Well it needs something to make it move forward and something to bring it back. My dad put it together, so we’re still at the drawing board.”

“So we get a couple of football players to push it forward and we figure out a way to anchor some wire to pull it back on maybe a wench or something,” I say, the gears turning in my mind.

“That could actually work,” Diego says from behind me.


She’s smart. Jenna’s pretty cool I guess. I mean, she sounds a little flat, but whatever. I wonder if Nick likes her… Or if she likes him.

I set up my computer and begin working on setting up my keyboard. Nick’s dad brought fireworks, and I’m hoping to get them to light on cue. I’m not a tech-genius or something, I just figured out which keys to push. Hopefully — if Jenna starts playing faster paced songs in church — Clayton will let me program my keyboard to the lights.

“Hey,” Jenna walks up with a notebook and tablet in hand. “Ready to pick out some songs?” She smiles. She’s kind of pretty, maybe. What am I saying?

I open up the playlist creator on my computer and she hands me the tablet. I open to see a wallpaper of… The backyard here… What?

“This picture looks like,” I say and look up.

“The password is 7473 and the picture is the backyard. I just thought it looked… nice,” she answers, looking embarrassed.

“It’s a really nice picture. You took it with this?”, I say, lifting up the tablet.

“Yeah, it takes way better pictures than my cell phone.”

“So the playlist is in here?”

“Not exactly. Pretty much 418 songs that I can almost play by ear alone. Plus about 40 Christmas songs that my brother downloaded when he hacked my iTunes at Thanksgiving,” she laughs.

She’s more talented than I thought.

I like that.

Make it stop.



4 – The Hangout


“First Blood: Part 2!”, I shout back as Seth argues. “Demolition Man was NOT BETTER! Look, Demolition Man is a really good movie, but how, HOW do you beat Rambo? The only one who can beat Rambo is-”

“SPARTAN!”, Seth gets in my face.

I use two fingers and slowly push him back. I slide my hand over my face to simulate wiping spit off. “I was going to say Chuck Norris. I mean come on Seth, admit it.” He shakes his head ‘no’. “I’ve got proof that you can’t deny!”

“Bring it.”

“Chuck Norris was born on May 6th, 1945. The Nazi’s surrendered on May 7th, 1945. Coincidence? I think NOT!”

Seth sits on the soda, contemplating this. Nick walks in with two large bowls of popcorn in-hand. “She’s right. So who’s ready for Jen’s first Hangout?”

“Yeah!”, Jayden shouts while she sets down a laundry basket loaded with snacks and desserts of all sorts. “Get comfy people, we’ll probably be here all night.”

“What do you mean?”, I ask.

“I thought you got permission to come?”, Nick asks. Guess he’s confused too.

“It’s not that. I just thought we were gonna hangout. Watch a movie, play Band Hero Extreme ya know. Why would we be here all night?”

“It’s your first hangout,” Answers Jayden, “and for each new bandmates’ first Hangout we just get to know each other. We run well together because we trust each other.”

“I trust you guys though.”

“I believe you. We’re all friends, but this is our way of… Accepting you into the band,” Jayden explains. I understand now, but these guys and I are all friends. That’s saying something because I can count how many I have on my fingers.

Seth sits on the couch next to Diego. Jayden grabs some things from the basket and takes a seat on the far cushion. Nick and I sit in bean bag chairs across from them. So… Let’s go.


I have no problem telling these guys about myself. Or even Jenna. I just… I just don’t feel like talking today. It’s been a long one.

“So I started going to public school,” Diego finishes. He had been homeschooled until Freshman year. Other than that, the story he’s just told consists of how his younger sister had cancer when she was 7. She’ll be 13 in August. She’s been NEC (*No Evidence of Cancer*) for 3 and a half years.

Seth already told his own tale — He’s the second oldest of our pastor Clayton’s 4 sons. He was kicked out of his 7th grade class for being Seth. — The way we’re all sitting, I’ll be next. After me, Nick. Then, being the newest, Jenna will go last.

Diego finishes up and I move my leg as it starts going numb.

“I uh, I didn’t really start going and enjoying church until I was 12 or 13… My grandmother made me go once I turned 10 because she thought I was old enough to understand what they were telling me. When I was younger, when I lived with my parents, I only went when my grandmother was visiting. I was baptized last summer by Clayton and I joined Worship Team at the beginning of the school year.” There’s my church story. Now it’s time for the one about my life.


I watch Jenna’s facial expression stay still like stone, her eyes not once leaving Jayden as she speaks.

“My parents would leave me with their ‘friends’ while they did what they wanted. Sometimes I think it could be worse… I could’ve been watching from the front row seat,” Jayden says sadly. “My mom was hooked on meth, ice, and speed. My dad mostly just drank. The different friends they would leave me with got annoyed eventually. At first, they watched me out of pity and sympathy… Sympathy runs out eventually though.

“My dad would stay and get drunk in the apartment sometimes. When I was 8 my mom had a ‘friend’ over. My dad caught them together and sent the guy’s head through a wall. My mom got in the car with him and never came back.”

Jenna shifts in the chair and pops her shoulder. I look back to Jayden.

“And when I was 9 my dad got so drunk and angry he tried drowning me in the pool of the apartment complex. Someone, I don’t know who, called the police. They took me to my grandmother’s and I’ve been there since,” she finishes.


I thought I knew Jayden. I thought I knew her really well…

“Is he still in jail?”, I can’t help but ask.

“Yes. He had a lot of warrants so he’s got to pay time on all of those.”

“Well,” Nick sits up. “Jenna here is my best friend and newbie who knows my story, so I can skip my own. Your turn Jen.”

“Nick,” everyone else says in unison.


“We all have to go. How come you think you can skip out?”, Seth asks, standing from the couch.

“Because I’ve told her and it hasn’t changed since I told all of you guys.”

“You introduced her to us less than a month ago. How long have you known her?”, Diego questions.

“A l-“, Nick starts, but I interrupt.

“Why not just tell the story and get it over with?”, I ask. “I’ve told you mine and I’m going to tell you again. It won’t kill you Nick.”

And so he tells. I like how everyone listens to tentatively. Nick starts his story of how his dad began drinking when he was 7 and his parents divorced when he was 9. He lived with his mother from then. His older brother started going to Michigan State last year. Nick’s dad showed up at his 14th birthday party, sober and seeking out a relationship. Nick gave him a chance and they’re really close now. He started band just when Jayden did at the beginning of the school year.

Then it’s my turn.

My past.

My secrets.

My pain.

My turn…


(A/N: Sorry for most of the beginning xD I know it’s pretty stupid, but I’ve been waiting to use the Nazi joke for a while, and I’m in the mood to watch Demolition Man. Couldn’t help it.)

3 – Schmoes’


Jayden and Jenna play their guitars around the fire pit. Jayden is teaching Jenna some chords. I hope this means she’s going to accept the offer to join Worship Team. I think it’d be good for her.

“I don’t know Nick, so please stop,” Jenna says, seeing me looking at her.

“Not what I was thinking at all,” I lie.

“Sure,” Jayden says, slightly tuning her guitar.

“I’m serious.”

“Then what were you thinking?”, Jayden asks.

“Why is Jenna’s guitar pink? Hm? She HATES pink (I really hate pink too,).” Not a complete lie I guess; I have wondered.

“It’s a first-edition Fender. I didn’t pick the *cough* pink. My mom thought it would be a good idea for an almost-14-year-old-girl’s birthday. Same reason I have a- no, wait,” she says.


“Well I have a 3/4 size purple acoustic Hannah Montana guitar in there.”

Jayden and I both look at her like she’s lost her mind. Considering what she just said, she may have.

“Oh stop looking at me like that, I got it for my eighth birthday. I was rather obsessed with the show. And don’t lie, chances are both of you were too,” she explains.

“Okay. Jay did you bring the chocolate?”, I ask.

“No,” she answers, too interested in her guitar to look at me. We’ve waited until we all had time to hang out for about two weeks.

“What? You had one thi-”

“Nick, hold up,” Jenna says reaching beside her chair. “I found this while we were at the store so I told her to blow it off. I think these would taste better anyways.”

Jenna pulls out a pack of cookies with the chocolate baked into them.

“There, make your schmoes’,” Jenna says whilst Jayden shakes her head.

“Schmoes’?” I can’t help but ask.

“Yes?”, Jenna replies as if I’m the one not making sense. “Will you make me one too? Pleeeeeease?”


“They’re s’mores Nick,” Jayden says, “get a clue. Ever watch Toy Story? Sheesh.”

They go back to their guitars and I start on the ‘schmoe’s’. It’s a good night.


“So band practices are Fridays?”, I ask from the soundboard.

“During the summer, we try to keep them around the weekend because that gives us time to get better at the set or change anything before Wednesday. During the school year, we stick to Saturdays,” Kenny explains.

“Why switch during the summer? Vacations?”, I ask further. They’re letting me hangout so I can learn more about band before I decide whether or not to join.

“Yep,” Jayden answers. “And I know you like getting outta the house on Saturdays. Wink wink Jenna, wink wink.”

“Why yes, yes I do. Would I only be playing guitar and singing? I mean, would I be able to play any other instruments?”

“What all do you play?”, Kenny asks in answer.

“Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, I sing, and I’m attempting to get into drumming,” I answer.

“Well you could always play something that let’s you switch it up. You aren’t tied down to just the two though,” Kenny answers.

“KFC?”, I ask as I walk up to Nick.

“We’ve only done one song!”, he says, laughing.

I sit and watch them perform. They’re all in-tune of each other. A well-oiled machine. They finish their work and begin loading up their instruments.

Kenny sits on the edge of the stage as I walk up.

“You know, we’re having a big concert of sorts for the church’s 4th Of July party. My house. It’d be nice if you’d join us for a few songs, maybe help with the setlist,” he offers.

“That actually sounds really nice. When do you leave for college?”

“About 2 weeks before classes start, and 3 weeks before school starts here. I’m going to be in an apartment,not a dorm, so I’m going ahead early,” he answers.

I sit in a chair from the first row and look up at the stage. Can I do this? Am I experienced enough? I only know a few chords… Everything I play by ear. I haven’t been coming here that long. What if they don’t like me? What if… I don’t know.

“You shouldn’t worry,” Seth says, joining Kenny on the edge of the stage. “You’re really an amazing musician. All I do is stand up here, tap some strings, and look cool. If anything you just need to be yourself. People seem to like that.”

Diego walks down the side of the stairs to the stage and joins me in the front row. “Just don’t knock down my keyboards and I’m fine.”

“Jenna,” Nick says, joining Kenny and Seth. “You can do this. You have more experience than Kenny did when he started. I don’t even think he knew how to play guitar.”

“Didn’t learn a single chord until February,” Kenny chimes in.

“Besides, I exist,” Jayden says walking up and standing in front of the line of chairs. “You don’t have to play guitar to EVERYTHING. I only need a second guitar on songs where it’s dual. Like Whispers, and Hero.”

I sigh. I gotta say…

“Guys,” I look up. “I’m in.”


2 – ‘Her’

(A/N: Cast page updated! If you’re confused as to who plays what part or want to get a better idea of what someone looks like, acts like or quite possibly smells like, then click HERE)


“So are you going to sign up?”, I ask Jenna.

“Probably not. Are you going to stop asking?”

“Probably not,” I answer.

“You guys know this is just my dad’s way of finding someone to replace Kenny at the end of the summer right?”, Seth asks from behind us in line for 9-square.

“No, we had no idea a senior that a senior would be moving on to college now that he’s graduated high school. Who’da thunk?”, Jenna asks laughing at Seth. “Stop being the youth encyclopedia man. Well you can after you tell me this,” Jenna says.


“Who do you think your dad is going to pick, eh? Them?”, Jenna asks and points at the stage where two of the Freshmen girls are (Horribly) singing Summer Nights from Grease.

Diego, who plays keyboard in Worship Team turns around. He’s in front of us in line.

“Well someone better sound good before Luke tries out his luck. I don’t think I could handle the power in his head,” Diego says.

“Move up nimrod,” Jenna says nodding towards the line. “I get it, believe me. Where’s Luke anyways? Didn’t feel like serenading what’s her name?”

“They broke up a few days ago. I don’t know where he is though, I mean he rode with me here.”

We move ahead in line and reach the front. Just then, Jayden walks through the doors. She sees us and walks our way, to the front of the line.

“I’m just talking, not in line,” she tells the younger girls behind us. Diego walks into Square 1.

“Hey Jay,” Jenna says.

“Hey,” I say.

“Hi guys. So Clayton said he isn’t choosing who takes over band. Kenny is,” Jayden says nervously. Jenna enters Square 1 as Diego moves to Square 2.

“You want to be band leader though, right?”, Jenna asks. “Couldn’t they just pick a new singer and still let you be leader? Vote on it or something?”

We move up again.

“I don’t know. I’ve only been in Worship Team since like, Halloween. Do you think the band mates would vote for me?”, Jayden asks Jenna.

“I would,” I answer.

“I would!”, Seth chimes in.

“Ehh, better than Luke,” Diego says and misses the ball, sending him out of the game. “That’s a yes, by the way.”

Jenna and I move up as Seth joins the game. It’s weird if you haven’t played it. You haven’t lived if you haven’t experienced it, according to Jenna. It’s pretty much 4 square, but 9. And it’s in the air.

I make it to Square 5 before I’m out. I pass Jayden as I walk towards the end of the line. I look over and see no one standing around the karaoke sign-up table. I start walking towards it, and I pray Jenna doesn’t see.


I sit on one of the couches with Jayden, Nick, and Diego. I guess I should clear it up. I’m friends with a handful of people, Nick is my best friend, and everyone else I pretty much socialize with.

I hear Clayton come on the loud-speaker who is going to sing next.

“Why did he just say me?”, I ask. No answer. “I didn’t sign up.”

“You have to. Come on, I heard you earlier. Please?”, Nick goes on.

I stand up.

“What song did you put me down for?”, I ask.

“Never Too Late. You can always say I picked the wrong song if you want to do something else,” Nick answers.

I really like the song, don’t get me wrong or anything. I just have a particular favoring to that song for its memories, and I don’t want to share it. I walk to Clayton at the computer and try to think of a different song. I finally pick one and ask Jayden to borrow her guitar. She pulls it from the bag and sets up the amp whilst I adjust the microphone height.

I begin playing guitar and hear Clayton giving the intro. The intro ends and I begin to sing. I do the guitar solo perfectly. At the end of the song, rather than the electric pulses for 40 or so seconds, I shred. 1. Because I like showing off. 2. The electronic part kind of bugs me. 3. It looks cool.

I finish and hop off the stage, the applause lifting my mood.

“FREAKSHOW!” Jayden yells as she high fives me. “Hey look,” she says as she points towards the stage.

I turn and see Kenny readjusting the microphone.

“Did you guys hear that last girl?”, he asks, referring to me. “Did you like it?” More applause. Kenny can make anyone clap. He’s the life of the party.

“Well good if you did,” Kenny turns in my direction. “Too bad if you didn’t because you have no taste in music. Either way you had better learn to love her.” He sighs.

“I’m leaving for Ol’ Miss at the end of the summer, and when I leave, I not only leave my school. I don’t just leave my friends and family behind. I leave the Worship Team. That, that means someone has to take my place as leader. Someone has to sing and play the other 1 in 100,000th guitar that Jayden doesn’t cover. Someone has to… And I want it to be her,” he finishes and points at me.

He points at me.

At me.

Not at the other band members, not at the girls who sang to Grease, not at Jayden. Not at my friend who wants to be band leader more than I don’t want people looking at me.

My friends hug me and congratulate me. I don’t know what to say. Jayden deserves this. She doesn’t say anything, so neither do I.


1 – Game Night

(A/N: Sorry it took so long to post guys! Thanks for waiting. I’ll let you get on with the post, but first a little tip for other writers… When you’re getting ready to start posting your story, don’t give the parents who can keep you off of your laptop a reason to ground you. Oi. I think that’s all… Aside from that, I’d like to get this out of the way now. I rewrote the intro for the show because I thought the original was a little, irrelevant. In this way, it’ll at least give you insight in future episodes. So if you like it, great, let me know in the comments (No WordPress Account or email required) c: If you didn’t and think I should stop writing, then WHATEVER! I’LL DO WHAT I WANT CAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE!)


“She shoots, she scores!” I shout as I make a half-court shot. Normally I wouldn’t point it out or gloat, but tonight I just feel like it. Maybe because I’m playing against Luke. I don’t know. It always feels like I have something to prove around him. Sadly, I’ve felt that for a while.

There are just a few minutes left until Game Night ends. Game Night is what we do at the church on Thursday nights. Shoot hoops, toss a football, it goes on. And tonight, I’m on fire.

“Five minutes guys,” Nick says. “Clean up what’s left of your game.” He seems to be speaking directly at Luke.

Nick and I get into place for the play to begin. Long story (That-no-teenage-girl-reading-this-cares-about) short, we squash them.

Clayton, the pastor, tells everyone it’s time to go and we slowly shuffle out of the building. At least, I do. Mostly everyone wants to get in just one more basket, one more catch. I’d love to, but I don’t want to give Clayton a hard time. I’ve only been coming here for a couple of weeks, and I just feel like I should try to make a good impression.

I grab my football and head out the door. I sit on the stairs, leaning against the support rail. Students from different grades, 7th through 12th, begin heading towards cars or also sit on the steps, awaiting their rides. Nick joins me after a few minutes.

“You know what I think is hilarious?” I ask as Nick sits.

“What now? Sneezing pandas or Justin Bieber’s face?”, he asks.

“Well, both. But in this case, the game we just played, nothing counted but the last basket. I just don’t get it.”

“Most of us get enough scoring at school and just don’t keep track of it here,” he answers. “Score?”

“We had 49, they had 28. Nice job on defense by the way.”

“Nice half-court. Not half bad,” Nick replies, chuckling.

“Pretty good,” Luke says as he walks up. “For a girl.” He sits next to me.

“Shut up,” I nudge him to the side. Luke always gives me a hard time, and I almost always threaten to beat him up. It’s how we work.

We socialize for a few minutes until Clayton walks out of the church and stands at the top of the stairs. “Going to come to Music Night next week?” he asks me. The crowd of kids begins to thin out.

“Instead of Game Night?”, I ask. “I dunno, I sorta like Game Night.”

“Yeah. I’m thinking of alternating once or twice a month. Next week is the first, and it’s just to see how it goes,” he replies.

“And what shall Music Night consist of?”

“Pretty much karaoke. However, there are some people here, and I’m pretty sure it’s not legal for them to actually sing out loud… So probably some lip synching too. Volleyball and 9-square.”

Jayden walks down the other side of the stairs and turns towards us.

“I’ll probably bring my guitar,” she says.

“I thought Music Night was about singing?”, Nick asks.

“My guitar sings better than I do,” she answers, smiling. (SORRY JAYDEN I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF)

“Considering it’s my way out of the house, I’ll probably come. If Nick is still handing out free rides that is,” I say and turn to him, grinning.

“Only to you moron,” he says and pushes his shoulder against mine. “And occasionally to Jayden if she stops playing guitar long enough to acknowledge the existence of us peasants.”

“All in thy realm, bow downeth to thee,” she says and holds her hands up.

“Nick, did you seriously just get her started on Shakespearean again?” I ask. “Doth thou know whateth thy hath started?”

Nick facepalms and I stand up. I stretch and turn to Jayden.

“If you change the shortcuts in my phone keyboard to Shakespearean again, the Les Paul gets it,” I threaten her. Jayden gasps and we all laugh, waiting for our rides. I love it here.


I pull up to Jenna’s house and park my truck. I see her parents’ car is gone, so they must have left already. Jenna’s brother, Blake, has a doctor’s appointment today. I walk towards the house when I hear Jenna… Singing?

“*Singing* This world will never be what I expected
And If I don’t belong, who would’ve guessed it?
I will not leave alone, everything that I own
To make you feel like it’s not too late
It’s never too late.
Even if I say it’ll be alright
Still I hear you say, you want to end your life
Now and again we try to just stay alive
Maybe we’ll turn it all around cause it’s not too late
It’s never to late.”

She stops, so I go inside. “Hey!” I shout so she won’t jump me if I scare her… Again…

“One sec!” she yells. I walk to her room and see her shoving her guitar in its bag.

“Window Jen,” I say and close it. “Supposed to rain later.” She slips on her black boots and begins tying them. “How long have you been back into guitar?”

She keeps tying her shoes.

“Come on, I won’t tell your parents Jenna,” I sit at the end of the bed beside her.

“Like last time?”, she asks quietly.

“I didn’t mean to. I know anyways, so I may as well get the details right?”

She sighs and begins tying her other boot. “Maybe 2 or 3 weeks,” she answers.

“Cool. What song was that? Sounded interesting.”

“Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. But who would’ve thought?”

“Though what?”, I ask.

“Well who would’ve thought there’d be a somewhat inspirational Three Days Grace song?”, she asks, laughing.

“You should bring that tonight,” I point at her guitar. “If my drums are set up then we could rock their faces off,” I say and motion my arms to swinging drumsticks.

“Kids In The Dark?”, she asks. Obviously, the confusion shows on my face because she goes on. “All Time Low? Future Hearts? Pay attention Nick. The drums in it are amazing.

“Come on,” i say and head towards the truck. Jenna follows in suit and we leave for Church.


Character Page

So, I updated the Character Page. (Check it out HERE) I will be adding the rest of the main characters! However, it’s kind of “Late” so my dad said to get off the computer ;p Here are some other characters you can look forward to seeing, and what kind of part they shall play:

  • Seth Henderson – Bassist
  • Diego St. Clair – Keyboardist / Secondary Anything That Needs To Be Played Because He Plays Multiple Instruments
  • Ross – Not a musician, but somewhat of a backstory-type character
  • Matthew – Again, backstory-type character

So, I hope you can wait until tomorrow. By tomorrow, I mean Monday, three days from now, because my dad has tomorrow off and I generally don’t get on the computer on weekends. Night peoples!