Give Up

Wait a minute, I thought I deleted this site!

Guess not…


Honestly, I don’t login WordPress anymore because it’s so laggy and I was so embarrassed by this story that I just couldn’t keep going. I’ve written some different things since but whatever. I really hate the things I like because I’m so afraid of criticism. Haha, I’m so lame sometimes.

I started writing The Band Life on some fantasy with the names of people whom I knew because while I like writing, I really suck at coming up with original names for anything. I was surprised that those people said yes (Since a few of them I didn’t know so well, and they most certainly didn’t know me).

So I guess I’m just making this post because I’m giving up. At least, on TBL. I still write my other stories (the Batman one, the 5 Seconds Of Life one and then my band FanFiction), but I’m finally scrapping it.

I was surprised to login and see this site had views and followers. I mostly use Wattpad now, since it’s a place to easier find my stories versus on the entire internet. So check out my account HERE and I think that’s it.

Oh and since they’ll never see it…

Nick, the guy who I asked if I could use his name in the story? He’s actually kinda hot. Really nice hair. Whatever. So is Luke Hemmings.


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