5 – Fill In


“So this is going to be your band introduction,” Diego says from the backseat of Nick’s truck.

“Even though Kenny is still here until the end of the month?”

“Yes,” Jayden says. “You’re performing with us, you helped with the setlist, you went to your first hangout. You’re in.”

“No turning back,” Seth says with his insanely horrible villain act.

Jayden’s cell phone rings and she answers. “Hey Kenny! We’re down the street-ish now. Yeah, she’s right there. What? Aww, no!”, she lowers the phone and looks to me. “Kenny lost his voice and can’t perform. Jenna, do you think you could fill in?”

“Umm, yeah sure, if it’s okay.”

“She’s in. Yeah. Alright. See ya later,” Jayden replies to her phone call and hangs up.

Nick looks ad Jayden, then at me. Back to Jayden. Back to me. His eyes revert back to the road. I’ll ask him about it later. If he wanted everyone to know, he would’ve said it out loud. Right?

We pull up to Kenny’s house and I see why we would have a giant party here. The house itself is a single-story average sized brick house. Not bad looking or anything, but not fancy look-at-me-I’m-a-mansion either. What I’m looking at is the yard. It’s at least 7 acres, just to the treeline. I don’t know how far it goes beyond that.

Kenny, and who I would assume is his mother, come out to greet us as we unload our instruments. Kenny gives me a thumbs up and leads us to the backyard. I stare in awe at the stage set up. It’s about 6-feet high, and as wide as the house. The center of the stage let’s out further into the yard like a runway.

“I know right,” Jayden says looking at my expression. “Take it in.”

And I do.

“So the whole party itself starts at 5:00, but people will probably start showing up a little after 4:30,” Diego says and looks at his watch. “It’s 2:45 now, so we have time for sound check and time to go over the setlist.”

“Are we sure he shouldn’t be in charge?”, I ask. “He seems to know way more than I do.” I walk up the stairs and set my guitars down.

“1, Diego had that power before,” says Nick as he walks to the drum set. “Went nuts and bit everyone’s heads off.”

“2,” Jayden pulls her guitars out of their bags and puts them on stands. “This is only your first show. You’ll get better as you go along.”

“3, Freshmen aren’t really leaders of Worship Team,” Diego says.

“No one said Freshmen can’t be,” Jayden answers.

“Out of the entire time band has run at church, name one Freshmen who was considered for leader,” Diego retaliates.

“One?”, Seth asks walking up. “Okay. Jayden.”


“Yeah. Kenny talked about it a while back and she’s a Freshman,” Nick says.

I turn to look at him and see that his drum set is about 4 feet higher up than the rest of the stage. I walk over and now see that it’s on a stand of sorts.

“Like?”, Nick asks me and starts climbing down.

“Yeah, I think it’s cool.” I look down to see wheels attached. “Mobile?”

“Sort of. I wanted to talk to you about using it later, but it’s not finished yet,” he answers, frowning.

“We have a couple of hours. What’s it need?”, I ask. I really would like to see it in action, but I don’t want Nick to get hurt or anything.

“Well it needs something to make it move forward and something to bring it back. My dad put it together, so we’re still at the drawing board.”

“So we get a couple of football players to push it forward and we figure out a way to anchor some wire to pull it back on maybe a wench or something,” I say, the gears turning in my mind.

“That could actually work,” Diego says from behind me.


She’s smart. Jenna’s pretty cool I guess. I mean, she sounds a little flat, but whatever. I wonder if Nick likes her… Or if she likes him.

I set up my computer and begin working on setting up my keyboard. Nick’s dad brought fireworks, and I’m hoping to get them to light on cue. I’m not a tech-genius or something, I just figured out which keys to push. Hopefully — if Jenna starts playing faster paced songs in church — Clayton will let me program my keyboard to the lights.

“Hey,” Jenna walks up with a notebook and tablet in hand. “Ready to pick out some songs?” She smiles. She’s kind of pretty, maybe. What am I saying?

I open up the playlist creator on my computer and she hands me the tablet. I open to see a wallpaper of… The backyard here… What?

“This picture looks like,” I say and look up.

“The password is 7473 and the picture is the backyard. I just thought it looked… nice,” she answers, looking embarrassed.

“It’s a really nice picture. You took it with this?”, I say, lifting up the tablet.

“Yeah, it takes way better pictures than my cell phone.”

“So the playlist is in here?”

“Not exactly. Pretty much 418 songs that I can almost play by ear alone. Plus about 40 Christmas songs that my brother downloaded when he hacked my iTunes at Thanksgiving,” she laughs.

She’s more talented than I thought.

I like that.

Make it stop.




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