3 – Schmoes’


Jayden and Jenna play their guitars around the fire pit. Jayden is teaching Jenna some chords. I hope this means she’s going to accept the offer to join Worship Team. I think it’d be good for her.

“I don’t know Nick, so please stop,” Jenna says, seeing me looking at her.

“Not what I was thinking at all,” I lie.

“Sure,” Jayden says, slightly tuning her guitar.

“I’m serious.”

“Then what were you thinking?”, Jayden asks.

“Why is Jenna’s guitar pink? Hm? She HATES pink (I really hate pink too,).” Not a complete lie I guess; I have wondered.

“It’s a first-edition Fender. I didn’t pick the *cough* pink. My mom thought it would be a good idea for an almost-14-year-old-girl’s birthday. Same reason I have a- no, wait,” she says.


“Well I have a 3/4 size purple acoustic Hannah Montana guitar in there.”

Jayden and I both look at her like she’s lost her mind. Considering what she just said, she may have.

“Oh stop looking at me like that, I got it for my eighth birthday. I was rather obsessed with the show. And don’t lie, chances are both of you were too,” she explains.

“Okay. Jay did you bring the chocolate?”, I ask.

“No,” she answers, too interested in her guitar to look at me. We’ve waited until we all had time to hang out for about two weeks.

“What? You had one thi-”

“Nick, hold up,” Jenna says reaching beside her chair. “I found this while we were at the store so I told her to blow it off. I think these would taste better anyways.”

Jenna pulls out a pack of cookies with the chocolate baked into them.

“There, make your schmoes’,” Jenna says whilst Jayden shakes her head.

“Schmoes’?” I can’t help but ask.

“Yes?”, Jenna replies as if I’m the one not making sense. “Will you make me one too? Pleeeeeease?”


“They’re s’mores Nick,” Jayden says, “get a clue. Ever watch Toy Story? Sheesh.”

They go back to their guitars and I start on the ‘schmoe’s’. It’s a good night.


“So band practices are Fridays?”, I ask from the soundboard.

“During the summer, we try to keep them around the weekend because that gives us time to get better at the set or change anything before Wednesday. During the school year, we stick to Saturdays,” Kenny explains.

“Why switch during the summer? Vacations?”, I ask further. They’re letting me hangout so I can learn more about band before I decide whether or not to join.

“Yep,” Jayden answers. “And I know you like getting outta the house on Saturdays. Wink wink Jenna, wink wink.”

“Why yes, yes I do. Would I only be playing guitar and singing? I mean, would I be able to play any other instruments?”

“What all do you play?”, Kenny asks in answer.

“Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, I sing, and I’m attempting to get into drumming,” I answer.

“Well you could always play something that let’s you switch it up. You aren’t tied down to just the two though,” Kenny answers.

“KFC?”, I ask as I walk up to Nick.

“We’ve only done one song!”, he says, laughing.

I sit and watch them perform. They’re all in-tune of each other. A well-oiled machine. They finish their work and begin loading up their instruments.

Kenny sits on the edge of the stage as I walk up.

“You know, we’re having a big concert of sorts for the church’s 4th Of July party. My house. It’d be nice if you’d join us for a few songs, maybe help with the setlist,” he offers.

“That actually sounds really nice. When do you leave for college?”

“About 2 weeks before classes start, and 3 weeks before school starts here. I’m going to be in an apartment,not a dorm, so I’m going ahead early,” he answers.

I sit in a chair from the first row and look up at the stage. Can I do this? Am I experienced enough? I only know a few chords… Everything I play by ear. I haven’t been coming here that long. What if they don’t like me? What if… I don’t know.

“You shouldn’t worry,” Seth says, joining Kenny on the edge of the stage. “You’re really an amazing musician. All I do is stand up here, tap some strings, and look cool. If anything you just need to be yourself. People seem to like that.”

Diego walks down the side of the stairs to the stage and joins me in the front row. “Just don’t knock down my keyboards and I’m fine.”

“Jenna,” Nick says, joining Kenny and Seth. “You can do this. You have more experience than Kenny did when he started. I don’t even think he knew how to play guitar.”

“Didn’t learn a single chord until February,” Kenny chimes in.

“Besides, I exist,” Jayden says walking up and standing in front of the line of chairs. “You don’t have to play guitar to EVERYTHING. I only need a second guitar on songs where it’s dual. Like Whispers, and Hero.”

I sigh. I gotta say…

“Guys,” I look up. “I’m in.”



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