2 – ‘Her’

(A/N: Cast page updated! If you’re confused as to who plays what part or want to get a better idea of what someone looks like, acts like or quite possibly smells like, then click HERE)


“So are you going to sign up?”, I ask Jenna.

“Probably not. Are you going to stop asking?”

“Probably not,” I answer.

“You guys know this is just my dad’s way of finding someone to replace Kenny at the end of the summer right?”, Seth asks from behind us in line for 9-square.

“No, we had no idea a senior that a senior would be moving on to college now that he’s graduated high school. Who’da thunk?”, Jenna asks laughing at Seth. “Stop being the youth encyclopedia man. Well you can after you tell me this,” Jenna says.


“Who do you think your dad is going to pick, eh? Them?”, Jenna asks and points at the stage where two of the Freshmen girls are (Horribly) singing Summer Nights from Grease.

Diego, who plays keyboard in Worship Team turns around. He’s in front of us in line.

“Well someone better sound good before Luke tries out his luck. I don’t think I could handle the power in his head,” Diego says.

“Move up nimrod,” Jenna says nodding towards the line. “I get it, believe me. Where’s Luke anyways? Didn’t feel like serenading what’s her name?”

“They broke up a few days ago. I don’t know where he is though, I mean he rode with me here.”

We move ahead in line and reach the front. Just then, Jayden walks through the doors. She sees us and walks our way, to the front of the line.

“I’m just talking, not in line,” she tells the younger girls behind us. Diego walks into Square 1.

“Hey Jay,” Jenna says.

“Hey,” I say.

“Hi guys. So Clayton said he isn’t choosing who takes over band. Kenny is,” Jayden says nervously. Jenna enters Square 1 as Diego moves to Square 2.

“You want to be band leader though, right?”, Jenna asks. “Couldn’t they just pick a new singer and still let you be leader? Vote on it or something?”

We move up again.

“I don’t know. I’ve only been in Worship Team since like, Halloween. Do you think the band mates would vote for me?”, Jayden asks Jenna.

“I would,” I answer.

“I would!”, Seth chimes in.

“Ehh, better than Luke,” Diego says and misses the ball, sending him out of the game. “That’s a yes, by the way.”

Jenna and I move up as Seth joins the game. It’s weird if you haven’t played it. You haven’t lived if you haven’t experienced it, according to Jenna. It’s pretty much 4 square, but 9. And it’s in the air.

I make it to Square 5 before I’m out. I pass Jayden as I walk towards the end of the line. I look over and see no one standing around the karaoke sign-up table. I start walking towards it, and I pray Jenna doesn’t see.


I sit on one of the couches with Jayden, Nick, and Diego. I guess I should clear it up. I’m friends with a handful of people, Nick is my best friend, and everyone else I pretty much socialize with.

I hear Clayton come on the loud-speaker who is going to sing next.

“Why did he just say me?”, I ask. No answer. “I didn’t sign up.”

“You have to. Come on, I heard you earlier. Please?”, Nick goes on.

I stand up.

“What song did you put me down for?”, I ask.

“Never Too Late. You can always say I picked the wrong song if you want to do something else,” Nick answers.

I really like the song, don’t get me wrong or anything. I just have a particular favoring to that song for its memories, and I don’t want to share it. I walk to Clayton at the computer and try to think of a different song. I finally pick one and ask Jayden to borrow her guitar. She pulls it from the bag and sets up the amp whilst I adjust the microphone height.

I begin playing guitar and hear Clayton giving the intro. The intro ends and I begin to sing. I do the guitar solo perfectly. At the end of the song, rather than the electric pulses for 40 or so seconds, I shred. 1. Because I like showing off. 2. The electronic part kind of bugs me. 3. It looks cool.

I finish and hop off the stage, the applause lifting my mood.

“FREAKSHOW!” Jayden yells as she high fives me. “Hey look,” she says as she points towards the stage.

I turn and see Kenny readjusting the microphone.

“Did you guys hear that last girl?”, he asks, referring to me. “Did you like it?” More applause. Kenny can make anyone clap. He’s the life of the party.

“Well good if you did,” Kenny turns in my direction. “Too bad if you didn’t because you have no taste in music. Either way you had better learn to love her.” He sighs.

“I’m leaving for Ol’ Miss at the end of the summer, and when I leave, I not only leave my school. I don’t just leave my friends and family behind. I leave the Worship Team. That, that means someone has to take my place as leader. Someone has to sing and play the other 1 in 100,000th guitar that Jayden doesn’t cover. Someone has to… And I want it to be her,” he finishes and points at me.

He points at me.

At me.

Not at the other band members, not at the girls who sang to Grease, not at Jayden. Not at my friend who wants to be band leader more than I don’t want people looking at me.

My friends hug me and congratulate me. I don’t know what to say. Jayden deserves this. She doesn’t say anything, so neither do I.



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