1 – Game Night

(A/N: Sorry it took so long to post guys! Thanks for waiting. I’ll let you get on with the post, but first a little tip for other writers… When you’re getting ready to start posting your story, don’t give the parents who can keep you off of your laptop a reason to ground you. Oi. I think that’s all… Aside from that, I’d like to get this out of the way now. I rewrote the intro for the show because I thought the original was a little, irrelevant. In this way, it’ll at least give you insight in future episodes. So if you like it, great, let me know in the comments (No WordPress Account or email required) c: If you didn’t and think I should stop writing, then WHATEVER! I’LL DO WHAT I WANT CAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE!)


“She shoots, she scores!” I shout as I make a half-court shot. Normally I wouldn’t point it out or gloat, but tonight I just feel like it. Maybe because I’m playing against Luke. I don’t know. It always feels like I have something to prove around him. Sadly, I’ve felt that for a while.

There are just a few minutes left until Game Night ends. Game Night is what we do at the church on Thursday nights. Shoot hoops, toss a football, it goes on. And tonight, I’m on fire.

“Five minutes guys,” Nick says. “Clean up what’s left of your game.” He seems to be speaking directly at Luke.

Nick and I get into place for the play to begin. Long story (That-no-teenage-girl-reading-this-cares-about) short, we squash them.

Clayton, the pastor, tells everyone it’s time to go and we slowly shuffle out of the building. At least, I do. Mostly everyone wants to get in just one more basket, one more catch. I’d love to, but I don’t want to give Clayton a hard time. I’ve only been coming here for a couple of weeks, and I just feel like I should try to make a good impression.

I grab my football and head out the door. I sit on the stairs, leaning against the support rail. Students from different grades, 7th through 12th, begin heading towards cars or also sit on the steps, awaiting their rides. Nick joins me after a few minutes.

“You know what I think is hilarious?” I ask as Nick sits.

“What now? Sneezing pandas or Justin Bieber’s face?”, he asks.

“Well, both. But in this case, the game we just played, nothing counted but the last basket. I just don’t get it.”

“Most of us get enough scoring at school and just don’t keep track of it here,” he answers. “Score?”

“We had 49, they had 28. Nice job on defense by the way.”

“Nice half-court. Not half bad,” Nick replies, chuckling.

“Pretty good,” Luke says as he walks up. “For a girl.” He sits next to me.

“Shut up,” I nudge him to the side. Luke always gives me a hard time, and I almost always threaten to beat him up. It’s how we work.

We socialize for a few minutes until Clayton walks out of the church and stands at the top of the stairs. “Going to come to Music Night next week?” he asks me. The crowd of kids begins to thin out.

“Instead of Game Night?”, I ask. “I dunno, I sorta like Game Night.”

“Yeah. I’m thinking of alternating once or twice a month. Next week is the first, and it’s just to see how it goes,” he replies.

“And what shall Music Night consist of?”

“Pretty much karaoke. However, there are some people here, and I’m pretty sure it’s not legal for them to actually sing out loud… So probably some lip synching too. Volleyball and 9-square.”

Jayden walks down the other side of the stairs and turns towards us.

“I’ll probably bring my guitar,” she says.

“I thought Music Night was about singing?”, Nick asks.

“My guitar sings better than I do,” she answers, smiling. (SORRY JAYDEN I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF)

“Considering it’s my way out of the house, I’ll probably come. If Nick is still handing out free rides that is,” I say and turn to him, grinning.

“Only to you moron,” he says and pushes his shoulder against mine. “And occasionally to Jayden if she stops playing guitar long enough to acknowledge the existence of us peasants.”

“All in thy realm, bow downeth to thee,” she says and holds her hands up.

“Nick, did you seriously just get her started on Shakespearean again?” I ask. “Doth thou know whateth thy hath started?”

Nick facepalms and I stand up. I stretch and turn to Jayden.

“If you change the shortcuts in my phone keyboard to Shakespearean again, the Les Paul gets it,” I threaten her. Jayden gasps and we all laugh, waiting for our rides. I love it here.


I pull up to Jenna’s house and park my truck. I see her parents’ car is gone, so they must have left already. Jenna’s brother, Blake, has a doctor’s appointment today. I walk towards the house when I hear Jenna… Singing?

“*Singing* This world will never be what I expected
And If I don’t belong, who would’ve guessed it?
I will not leave alone, everything that I own
To make you feel like it’s not too late
It’s never too late.
Even if I say it’ll be alright
Still I hear you say, you want to end your life
Now and again we try to just stay alive
Maybe we’ll turn it all around cause it’s not too late
It’s never to late.”

She stops, so I go inside. “Hey!” I shout so she won’t jump me if I scare her… Again…

“One sec!” she yells. I walk to her room and see her shoving her guitar in its bag.

“Window Jen,” I say and close it. “Supposed to rain later.” She slips on her black boots and begins tying them. “How long have you been back into guitar?”

She keeps tying her shoes.

“Come on, I won’t tell your parents Jenna,” I sit at the end of the bed beside her.

“Like last time?”, she asks quietly.

“I didn’t mean to. I know anyways, so I may as well get the details right?”

She sighs and begins tying her other boot. “Maybe 2 or 3 weeks,” she answers.

“Cool. What song was that? Sounded interesting.”

“Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. But who would’ve thought?”

“Though what?”, I ask.

“Well who would’ve thought there’d be a somewhat inspirational Three Days Grace song?”, she asks, laughing.

“You should bring that tonight,” I point at her guitar. “If my drums are set up then we could rock their faces off,” I say and motion my arms to swinging drumsticks.

“Kids In The Dark?”, she asks. Obviously, the confusion shows on my face because she goes on. “All Time Low? Future Hearts? Pay attention Nick. The drums in it are amazing.

“Come on,” i say and head towards the truck. Jenna follows in suit and we leave for Church.



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